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Top 6 Edible Landscape Design Ideas

Having a home garden can be a great idea as it will provide you with fresh and organic vegetables and fruits. At the same time, a home garden can also provide you with a beautiful landscaping an option that can improve the curb appeal of your home.

When you are looking to create an edible landscaping plan with the help of royal decks, there are several tips that you should follow and types of vegetables that you should include so it can look great and also provide you with those good food.

1. Kale

One item that can be a great addition to any home garden is kale. This is a superfood that today is used in a variety salads and dishes as a replacement for lettuce and spinach. Kale is also great for a home garden due to its appearance. It creates a very full leaf that can look like a great base for your garden.

2. Tomatoes


When you are creating your garden, a tomato plant is a great option to consider. These plants will need to be hung on a special wire in your garden, but can add a great piece of detail to your landscaping. The pretty bright red fruit will truly make your home standout.

3. Eggplant


Another food and type of vegetable that you should include in your home garden and edible landscaping plan is eggplant. This vegetable is a delicious option that can be a base for any dish or can be a nice addition to any salad.

At the same time, it is also very easy to grow and works and most climates. It also is colored a deep purple, which will provide a nice accent color to a garden that is normally full of greens.

4. Onions


When you are looking to create your home garden, adding an onion plant can be a great addition. Onions are a very commonly used food when it comes to creating a salad, any entree, or a variety of side dishes.

When you have an onion plant at your disposal, you will be able to grab one quickly off the vine to make whatever your favorite dishes. Furthermore, these are very durable plants that can grow with very minimal oversight.

5. Add in Non Edibles

perennial plants

While the main point of having an edible landscape is to create a garden that you can enjoy and eat out of, you should also focus on having items that you will not be eating.

Some great additions to include into any landscaping can include beautiful flowers, perennial plants, and other vegetation that you will enjoy and will be beautiful to look at.

6. Watch the Chemicals

When you are creating your garden, it is also important that yo make sure you do not use too many chemicals. While some fertilizer may be needed to help the plants grow and prevent bugs, you should avoid using too many. Furthermore, it is important to compare brands and to find one that is as organic as possible. Today there are many garden sprays that can help your garden grow while also keeping the plants safe to eat.

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