Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of PR Blogger

Any person visiting and using the website is considered to be implicitly accepting and adhering to the PR Blogger Privacy Policy stated henceforth.

PR Blogger understands the importance of individual privacy and treats the right to privacy in high regards. All the data collected by PR Blogger are for internal use purpose only and never shared with any third-party. PR Blogger ensures that the data collected are kept safe and never published.

The following sections of the Privacy policy mention the details of the collected data and how they are treated henceforth.

Data collected by PR Blogger

Contact details: PR Blogger collect the contact details shared by users at the time of subscribing to our newsletter and updates about our publication, and while filling up the various forms available within the website. The data collected are stored safely and never shared with any third-party.

Personal details: Personal details provided by user(s) while commenting on blogs or posting anything on PR Blogger is collected and stored safely for probable future reference.

Other details: PR Blogger may collect information about the user and the technology used to access the website, which may include, but not limited to, OS type, device type, IP address, ISP, system date and time, and location.

Data usage by PR Blogger

Data collected by PR Blogger are for internal use only. These are used to provide better experience to our readers and for future communication and/or resolving issues raised by concerned users. The data is not shared with third-party apps or websites.

Third-Party redirection

Readers and users are advised that whenever the aforementioned Privacy Policy holds true to PR Blogger alone. If you are being redirected to any third-party website via any link present within this website, this Privacy Policy remains no longer valid.