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Know Your Body, Know Your Codes: How A DNA Test Can Bring Perspective To Your Life?

Gone are the days when one had to rely on some supernatural powers to know the about the diseases one would suffer from, in the future. Today with the advancement of medical science, we have walked a long path towards uncovering these bodily mysteries. The human life comes into being by the fusion of two gametes, both containing fifty percent of the genetic material to be inherited by the child. These genetic materials decide the bodily features of the newborn. It means we all carry half the DNA from our mother and the other half from our father.

Do we inherit all the qualities of our parents?


Just carrying the DNA from our parents does not necessarily mean we will inherit all their qualities or their diseases. It’s a matter of chance, how many of these qualities will be expressed in our bodies. For example, we might be the carrier of genes for obesity and be slim as a bamboo because they are unexpressed. But when we pass on the same genes to our child, they may get expressed. Thus the child would suffer from obesity. Then again it’s a matter of chance.

What are your genes made up of?


It is interesting to know that every cell of the human body constitutes the same genetic codes. The entire genome can be broken down into basic units. These units are made of five primary components namely A (adenine), C (cytosine), G (guanine), T (thymine) and U (uracil).

Humans have developed the binary codes. Today we can code for innumerable software in a matter of seconds. The entire e-technology stands on the pillars of 0 and 1. Similarly, the function of the human body is encoded in terms of ATGC. How we breathe, how we walk, how we think is dictated by the combination of these codes. The good news is, today we are equipped with technologies which can decode these codes for us. Knowing these codes, undoubtedly makes us better prepared for the future to come.

How to know your genetic code?

dna codes

It’s no more a game of running around to clinics and waiting for the DNA results. Today, as technology has advanced, uncovering your DNA, is at your fingertips.

With the home dna test analysis kit available a mere swab from your mouth will do your job without burning a hole in your pocket. The tests are simple and can be taken at your own convenience.

Why to know your codes?


Be it to settle a personal paternity confusion or knowing more about your great-grandparents, DNA analysis is your answer. With the analysis of your parents and grandparents, you can easily construct a very accurate family tree.

One can also get concrete clues as what diseases one would suffer from based on the DNA results. If not those, merely out of curiosity one can go for this hassle free DNA analysis test at home. Who knows, your ancestry might just group you with long gone Neanderthals.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get one of those test kits now and get ready for a wild ride of surprises, emotions, and thrill loaded roller coaster.

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