How To Move A Pool Table

If you own a pool table, moving houses requires that make plans on how to move it your new home without a hitch. While it may be tempting to try to move the table on your own. But it is advisable to hire professionals to ensure the move is trouble-free.

A pool table weighs at least 1000 pounds. This makes it one of the heaviest items in your house. Trying to move it on your own can result in damage to the table or injury to yourself.

If for whatever reason you don’t want to use the services of a professional move, then you might want to check out our detailed guide on how to move a pool table.

Here goes …

1. Gather the Required Moving Materials and Supplies

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You don’t want to use professional movers and that’s okay. Start off by gathering all the necessary material and moving supplies. You’ll need a toolbox with a power drill, socket wrench, screwdriver, and moving blankets. You will also need a staple clip remover for the removal of the table’s felt. You can get one from the office supplies section in your local convenience store. Label all the parts that you disassemble from the table for easier reconstruction.

2. Get A Moving Truck

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Pool tables come in a standard size of at least 7 ft. So, your sedan or minivan cannot transport your pool table. You will need to hire a moving truck. A pickup truck or box truck will work best. Moving companies such as offer truck rental services. Give them a call to find out what it will take to have them transport the pool table for you.

3. Ask For Help

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Since you are moving the pool table without professionals, you need as much help as you can get. You will need at least 5 guys to lift and move the table. Ensure that everyone dresses for the job. If you’ll be passing through narrow pathways and sharp corners, it is best to get professionals to move the table. Maneuvering through the corners and pathways needs some level of experience.

4. Dismantle the Pool Table

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Disassemble the pool table to make it easier to move. Remove the 6 ball pockets by removing the staples/screws holding them in place. Gently detach the side rails using the socket wrench. Ensure you store the screws and bolts separately after you have labeled each of them. Remove the top felt by unfastening the staples, followed by removing the slates. Each slate weighs at last 450 pounds. You should be careful when removing them. After these parts are off, you can now disassemble the main body and legs.

5. Load The Truck

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Wrap each part with a moving blanket and bubble wrap if possible. Make sure the slates are well protected as they are very heavy and delicate. Make sure the truck driver knows what they’re carrying. You don’t want the pool table shifting and bumping on the walls of the truck during transportation.



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