How To Hide And Delete Apps On iPhone – 5 Extremely Efficient Ways

Has anyone ever actually counted the number of apps available for an iPhone? Likely, the exact figure exists on some reference site — and the figure likely gets updated daily. New apps in development soon reach completion and arrive on the market.

Sometimes, adding a new mobile app makes you want to delete some old ones. Or maybe you have an installed app you’d like to be a bit more privacy about. Deleting and hiding apps on an iPhone shouldn’t be a tough task. Performing five basic steps can help you achieve both results.

#1 – Perform an audit of your apps.


Apps aren’t exactly difficult to add to a smartphone. All it takes is looking over the selection in the App Store and hitting install. Over time, an iPhone can become a little crowded with apps.

When you find yourself constantly scrolling across the screen to locate a preferred app, you may have too many. This is doubly true when there are several apps you just don’t use. Go through your apps and look for the ones you don’t need anymore. This is the first step in the deleting the useless ones.

#2 – Engage the delete feature.


You can delete apps right on the main screen by performing a simple process. On your smartphone, there will be several icons for the various apps. Pick one, any particular one, and press your finger on it.

Within short order, all the apps will start to gyrate and a little “x” will appear on them. Touch the “x” to delete the app. Disengage the delete feature by pressing on the main “Home” button.

#3 – Delete apps from the settings section.

Delete app

“Settings” covers a lot of territory on your iPhone. From the “Storage” section on “Settings,” you can delete unwanted apps. Look at the inventory of apps in “Storage.” Tap the app to engage it. Choose the “Delete App” option. The process works quickly and smoothly.

Often, people choose to perform the deletion this way rather than do so on the main screen because “storage” reveals how much space apps take up. Apps that eat up too much space become prime targets for deletion.

#4 – Move an app to a folder to hide it.

Mobile apps

Hiding an app is easy. Select any random app and press on it so they wiggle and display the “x” once again. This time, you won’t be deleting the apps. Instead, you press on the desired app and drag it over to a folder.

Place the app in a folder so that no one can see the app without accessing the folder itself. This effectively hides the app. Hiding the folder makes sense, too. Don’t keep the folder on the first screen though. Move it to the last one to further avoid prying eyes.

#5 – Create a folder for the apps.


Of course, in order to hide apps in a folder, you do need to create a folder. Press on an app until the wiggle. Drag one app on top of another and let it go. This creates a folder for both apps. Name the folder appropriately. Apps can be added or removed from the folder as desired.

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