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How Long Does it Take To Become An HVAC Technician?

Having a quality home HVAC system is extremely important as it helps to keep a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When people are having home HVAC issues, they will normally call a HVAC technician from climate experts to fix their air conditioning and heating systems.

This helps to ensure that HVAC technicians are high in demand at all times, which promises those in this field with plenty of professional opportunities. If you are looking to become a HVAC technician, there are several steps and tips that will need to be followed before you are qualified for the role.

1. Finish High School

While it is not always a complete requirement to do so, most HVAC technicians today at least have a high school degree. Ultimately, you will need to obtain further education in the field and be hired by a HVAC repair company. In most cases, having a high school degree will be a prerequisite to get into one of these programs and get a good job.

Furthermore, many high schools today have programs that could teach you the basics of engineer, mechanical repairs, and other skills that could benefit you down the road.

2. Pursue HVAC Program

installation of hvac

Once you have completed your high school degree, you will also need to pursue a higher education program. There are vocational schools all over the country that can provide you with HVAC education and certification programs.

These programs will normally take you between one and two years to complete and will provide you with plenty of classroom education.

3. Apprenticeship

When you are in pursuing a career has a HVAC technician, you should also try to get an apprenticeship with an existing company. An apprenticeship can provide you with on the job education and experience while you are working on real-life projects.

When you are looking to pursue a career in the field, you will be most successful finding an apprenticeship through one of the major professional organizations, which can include the Mechanical Contractors Association of America or the Air-Conditioning Contractors of America.

4. Get Licensed


After you have completed your education and received a certificate, you can then get a license to work as a HVAC technician. The actual licensing requirements will vary significantly from one area of the country to the next.

Most states will require that you have a combination of education, certification, and work experience before you qualify for a full license. There are also three different classifications of licenses that will dictate what type of equipment you can work on.

5. Pursue a Career

Ultimately, getting all of your education, training, and licensing will take at least 2-3 years before you are full certified to start working as a technician. However, once you have obtained all of the necessary requirements, you will have a lot of opportunities to choose from.

This can include working for an already established company that hires new technicians, working for a property management company, or starting out and developing your own small HVAC repair business.

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