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6 Strong Reasons Why Your HVAC System Needs Routine Maintenance

Your heating and air conditioning unit uses long vents to distribute air appropriately throughout your home. The entire system, starting with your air conditioner and furnace and ending when it leaves room vents, relies on each part working well with the others. Too many moving parts tend to disagree eventually.

A home HVAC system stays balanced when it remains cleaned and lubricated. On an individual basis, your air conditioner and heater each require attention for specific maintenance. A healthy HVAC system is a happy HVAC system. Use these reasons as reminders to contact your HVAC technician for the usual maintenance at this time of year.

1. Fewer Repair Bills

  • Regular maintenance catches problems before they turn into emergencies.
  • Typically, your air conditioner is an outside unit. The motor is subject to more dirt and debris than it would be inside. Your technician checks it and lubricates motor parts.
  • Your furnace has problem areas that need checking before winter arrives.

2. Routine Maintenance Extends Your HVAC System’s Life


  • You may think everything runs smoothly in your HVAC system. But how will you know it has problems without calling a technician? It breaks.
  • For furnace installation Oshawa residents pay a hefty fee. Avoid buying one before you need it.
  • Your HVAC technician provides important services such as internal lubricants that extend the life of your furnace and HVAC system.

3. Your Utility Bill Decreases

Utility bill

  • According to the EPA, heating your home makes up 42 percent of your utility bill.
  • Proper equipment maintenance combined with other heat-saving measures can save approximately 30 percent on your utility bill.
  • Your HVAC technician can adjust your furnace temperature and provide money-saving tips to lower your utility bills.

4. It Keeps You and Your Family Safe

Safe siblings

  • When you ignore your heating system, critical parts start to deteriorate.
  • Your furnace contains several elements that might short circuit the wiring.
  • Wiring with a short circuit is a major fire hazard. It puts you, your family and your home at risk.

5. You Discover Hidden Problems

  • Your HVAC unit might appear nice and shiny and runs when turned on. However, the real story lies within your conduits, wires, AC and furnace.
  • Your furnace and air conditioner produce moisture that turns to condensate. Your technician clears all the buildup from the condensate drain and tubes.
  • Your HVAC technician checks the heat exchanger for cracks. This catches problems faster, so repairs are cheaper. It also acts as a safety measure.

6. Detect and Repair System Leaks

HVAC repair

  • Problems with your thermostat often happen due to leaks in your furnace or ducts.
  • Your technician checks your entire system for leaks and has tools to help detect where they are.
  • Once leaks are found, your technician repairs them and restores your HVAC system to an efficient condition.

Routine maintenance keeps your HVAC system running efficiently and keep your family warm and safe. Without it, you take risks that just are not worth it. Keep your HVAC system in a safe running condition with regular checks by a qualified technician.

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