6 Relocation Hacks Packers And Movers Don’t Tell You About

Packers and movers are in the business to make money and you are the source. Naturally, they will help but only to a degree and will not disclose secrets that could have an impact on their revenue. Know about relocation hacks that they will not want you to know.

1. The more you pack the more they earn


Movers and packers make a living from bulk. The more you pack the more they can charge by way of weight or volume.

If they are providing packing materials then they earn on this side too. Good and professional movers will only charge you the money which is reasonable for the work you give. However, not all movers are that good. Are they?

Large items like sofa sets and cupboards may attract higher charged and may be charged on a volume basis.

They may pack a table in a large carton and then charge you by volume. Be smart; utilize the empty space inside to pack in a host of other small stuff between the table legs.

Be smarter and just do not carry these items to your new home. You save a bundle.

2. Not all packers are equal


As said above, packers are in the game to make money and only a few will employ trained, competent full-time staff to handle the packing and moving parts.

You will find some packers simply employ untrained labor and this means your packages are likely to be handled roughly, even thrown into the back of the trucks like sacks and some valuable items may be damaged in the process.

Not all packers use their own vehicle. Some simply outsource or contract with individuals or other logistic support services. The importance of picking reliable packers and movers cannot be overemphasized.

3. All inclusive deal

The term “packers and movers” would indicate that the company you engage is responsible for packing and moving.

However, you will find that most such movers will charge extra for packing materials.

Ask for an all-inclusive deal that includes packaging and transportation by researching service providers.

4. Doorstep delivery and help inside the new house


Movers may want to get things done fast and use their employees most efficiently. This means they will want you to pack in all the stuff in cardboard cartons and keep them ready for shipment.

They may offer doorstep delivery but it is interpreted literally. Ideally, your packer should unload and move the boxes inside, even to the first floor, and help with unpacking and placement of large objects such as cupboards and beds.

5. They move cargo in open trucks

Open truck

It is cheaper, especially when they have open type vans at their disposal or contract such owners for transportation. If it rains, your belongings may get wet and damaged.

Ideally, you should ask for a fully enclosed and lockable container type truck to prevent damage by rain and prevent the possibility of theft en route.

6. Direct to destination

Streamlining operations to reduce cost and maximize profits is one of the maxims of haulers. This means a pickup will collect your consignment, unload it at the warehouse. The packages are then loaded in a large truck and then shipped to some distribution point where they are unloaded and then loaded back on to other pickup vans for delivery to your location.

Each such loading-unloading entails delay as well as the possibility of damage to your possessions.

It is best to choose a mover who will provide a closed container type truck with lockable doors and transports your belongings directly to your new house. It is faster and your belongings stay safe. In fact, you could get away with not putting them all in cardboard cartons. Ask for a GPS equipped truck so you know exact location at any time.

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