5 Ways How You Can Have Fun in Your Business Trips in Toronto

You may be begging your bosses to send you to see a client in Toronto when you learn all the fun that you can have there on your next business trip. Of course, you will want to arrange a Yorkville toronto limo to make getting around the city a breeze and to maximize the time you have to enjoy this beautiful city.

1. Survive Toronto’s Edgewalk

Credits: Flickr/ Kevin Costain

Certified by Guinness Book of World Records as the highest external walk on the edge of a building, you and your colleagues will definitely want to see if you are brave enough to do Toronto’s Edgewalk on the CN Tower. Only the bravest will attempt walking along the 1.5-meter ledge located 116 stories in the air while strapped to the latest safety equipment. Those who are not brave enough can still enjoy seeing amazing sights from the glass observation deck or eating at one of the building’s upscale restaurants.

2. Unleash Your Inner Child at Pursuit OCR

Credits: Flickr/ SupportPDX

If you find yourself wishing you were a kid again, then head to Pursuit OCR with your favorite work colleagues. This 10,000 square meter facility is a great place to let off steam in the adults-only ball pit. Challenge each other to see who can complete the obstacle course first. Participate in primal practice that artfully combines mindfulness with movement. You will find yourself wanting to laugh hard at your antics at this fun complex while discovering that you really are never too old to be a kid.

3. Skydive at iFly Toronto


Practice skydiving at a safe indoor facility when you head to iFly Toronto. You will feel like you are skydiving from a height of up to 3,000 feet at a speed approaching 200 kilometers per hour. All safety equipment is provided, and you will receive one-on-one training from a certified instructor. If you are looking for a special meeting place with a client, then they offer one as well.

4. Break Things at the Rage Room

If your meeting has not gone as you had hoped, then head to the Rage Room where you can unleash your anger. After putting on protective clothing, Get 45 minutes to break things without worrying about the consequences of your actions.

You can hook up your favorite playlist to listen to for inspiration as you use a sledgehammer and other tools to break things. You may really feel much more like working after you have pretended some of those things are your boss’ face.

5. Dine at the Chill House

You may feel much chillier after dining at the Chill House. After getting your insulated cape and gloves, you can get a drink inside the Chill House where everything is made of ice. The room is kept at -5 degrees Celcius, so enjoy feeling cold. If you need to warm up, however, the back of the bar is kept at a comfortable temperature, and you can move back and forth as often as you desire.

You can find many fun things to do on a business trip to Toronto. Therefore, head to the boss’ office now to convince them that you can make a difference for your company by going to this fun city.

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